I apply at the end of Year 6 for a secondary school place- NOT TRUE!
You apply at the beginning of Year 6. The Local Authority common application must be submitted by 31 October each year either online or by paper application form upon request.

 My child will automatically go to the local secondary school- NOT TRUE! 
There is no automatic transfer from primary to secondary – you MUST complete a local authority common application either online or by paper application form upon request.

Because I’ve let the school know I want my child to go there, I don’t have to fill in any forms- NOT TRUE!
You still need to complete your home local authority’s common application. Some schools do have a supplementary information form – if they do, you will need to complete this AND your home authority’s common application.

I have a child in the school I want, so my child will automatically get a place-  NOT TRUE!
Some schools do give priority to those with older brothers/sisters in the school, but there is NO GUARANTEE.

Parents have to be given a place at the school nearest to home- NOT TRUE!
If you don’t apply, other people who have applied will more than likely have taken the places.

If I name the school three times on the preference, I will have more chance of getting the school- NOT TRUE!
Don’t repeat the same school, this will not increase your chances of a place and you would be disadvantaging your chances of securing an offer of place at other schools you may meet the criteria for.

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