Restaurant Review- Sapporo Family Fun Day!

Keeping the kids entertained in a restaurant can often be a real challenge
so when I heard about the Family Fun Days at Sapporo Teppanyaki, I thought
it would be a great idea to schedule in a Japanese-style Sunday lunch with the

Having already seen the show cooking at Sapporo Teppanyaki with a group
of friends, I knew my Fireman Sam obsessed two year-old would be impressed with the flames that engulf the teppan grill during the Teppanyaki experience. And I was right, he was absolutely in awe of the chefs, as they entertained us by juggling with their
cooking utensils and doing tricks with their ingredients.

We were given a special menu, which included an adults’ menu of two courses
and a glass of wine for £10.95, and a children’s menu of one course and a soft
drink for £4.95. We opted for Smoked Chicken Rolls and Barbecue Spare Ribs
to start, both were deliciously tasty. We ordered Chicken Yakisoba Noodles and
Chicken Teriyaki for our main courses, which did not disappoint ether. The
chefs also gave us some Sapporo sauté potatoes and egg fried rice,
served straight from the teppan grill to accompany our main courses.

We shared a couple of desserts, Japanese Yuzu Fruit Cheesecake and
Chocolate Spring Rolls, which came with P&D Deli ice-cream. The cheesecake
was yummy but the Chocolate-filled Spring Rolls were a real hit.

There was a great atmosphere in the restaurant, which was filled with
families and children of all ages, having a good time. As well as the show
cooking, which is entertainment in itself, there were lots of other activities
going on to keep the kids happy. We enjoyed everything, from sushi rolling
demonstrations to free face painting and balloon modelling, where the children
were given some pretty impressive balloon creations to take home.

I would definitely recommend the Family Fun Days at Sapporo Teppanyaki, the
only downside is that there are only six in a year so make sure you stick the dates
in your diary and don’t forget to book early!

This year’s remaining Sunday Family Fun Days at Sapporo Teppanyaki are on 21st April, 30th June, 18th August, 20th October and 17th November.

To find out more, visit or
call 0151 705 3005.