Baby Sign Classes

Lets talk with hands offer amazing baby sign classes.

In these informative baby sign classes,toddlers and parents alike learn around 100 signs that they can use every day. You are taught to use signs,symbols and speech in a fun and relaxing environment which nurtures your little one’s development.They use a variety of teaching techniques including stories and singing which are fun for both your child and you, the parent too.

It can be frustrating for your little one to try and communicate with you when they cannot use their language, or their speech is not yet developed. This can take some of that prevention in the way of parent and baby communicating and become very useful in learning more about what it is your little one requires and in a fun and special way that will bring you both closer together.

Classes can be found in Waterloo, Formby, Aintree and Maghull and new areas are coming soon! As places are limited, get in touch with Kelly if you feel you and your little one would benefit from something as wonderful as Baby Sign.




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